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Introduction - From Ken Schmidt

This website is for all people who desire spiritual transformation and want to become more loving, more forgiving, and more alive.  My spirituality is Christian so many of my quotes and references will be from Jesus but my faith is inclusive not exclusive. 

My spiritual experiences have revealed some truths that I want to share with everyone.  We are all loved by our Creator and our problem is that we refuse to accept that love and become more loving ourselves.   I encourage you to participate regardless of your beliefs or lack of them.  You are welcome here.

We will start with these strange words from Jesus:

“Blind Pharisees!  First clean the inside of the cup and then the outside will become clean as well.”

He is saying to the Pharisees, the people who worked hard to be good, that it wasn’t the way to true life.  Our Creator prefers the honest, poor, exploited, maybe even immoral people to the Pharisees’ external “goodness.”  He calls them to deal with what is inside of them instead of focusing only on their outside, their behavior.  He wants them to clean out what is in their hearts and then the outside of the cup will become truly clean as well.

Is this actually true?  If our hearts are changed will our behavior change automatically?

After thirty years as a psychotherapist and fifty as a Christian I can guarantee that this is true.  My book, Promised Joy, reveals how this change took place in my life and here we will explore avenues of how new life can begin for us all.   Our focus in this website will be on how to be transformed into new people, new creations.

This is not just about changing our intellectual beliefs but about changing our foundational emotional realities.    This transformation will not remove us from the pains and struggles of life but will help us become our true selves even as we experience it.   Of course, no genuine transformation can ever take place without the work of the Spirit, especially as He communicates our Creator’s mercy and grace into our lives.  We will be looking at some of the ways the Spirit works.

Probably the most unique gift I have to offer is a dreamwork process you can use  to aid in this transformation.   I have seen and experienced “miracles” in people’s lives through this way of opening ourselves up for change .  You will discover  your heart healing and growing and gradually move from believing in your head to knowing in your heart.

When a small group does this dream work together, the vulnerability of one person leads to an amazing sense of community.  As they experience one another heal and be transformed they sense that they too are changing.  The grace that people begin to feel towards one another is unforgettable.

I will be writing from my Christian perspective.  This will probably differ from your understanding of “Christianity” as it has been presented in our culture.  Please consider this perspective as new to you and test it to see if it makes sense.  But more than that, test it and see if it changes your life.  (To explore my  perspective go to the post titled: Discovering Truth.)

To become His new creations we must face into our suffering, honestly reveal who we really are and trust that He will transform us. We cannot get there without facing into our pain and vulnerability just as Christ faced His as one of us and experienced a new resurrected life.

Jesus said, “I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and your joy complete.” He meant it. We will know our theology, our understanding and experience of God, are true when we discover we are becoming His new creations. We will find ourselves experiencing a new and fuller life that is deeply and wonderfully real.

About Ken Schmidt:

Many people have brought their pain and frustration to Ken Schmidt through his thirty years in private practice as a psychotherapist. He holds advanced degrees in both psychotherapy and physics and brings the skepticism of science into his walk of faith. His work has enabled him to experience his patients’ deep hurt, their healing, and often their transformation first hand. His first book, “Finding Your Way Home” (Regal 1990) integrated an understanding of dysfunctional families with the Gospel.